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Skirmish Mode Cheats
Start Skirmish Mode. When choosing the GAME OPTIONS, "Allow Cheats" must be set to YES. When playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [~] (tilde) and then type any of the following codes in the console:
Code: Result:
cheat_power(#) Get Indicated Amount of Power
cheat_requisition(#) Get Indicated Amount of Requisition
cheat_faith(#) Get Indicated Amount of Faith
cheat_souls(#) Get Indicated Amount of Souls
cheat_revealall Show Entire Map
cheat_killself Suicide
taskbar_hide Hide Taskbar
taskbar_show Show Taskbar


Unlimited Money (skirmish):
Submitted by: Amr El-Sayed
(Windows XP only)
This cheat will enable you to specify how much money you start with in a skirmish.
1.Mark show hidden files and un-mark the hide protected os files from folder options.
2.Go to this location and open the file: "C:\Documents and Settings\"User Name"\
Application Data\Red Alert 3\Profiles\"Profile Name"\skirmish.ini" such that User name
is your winxp user name and profile name is your ra3 profile name,
3.You will find that text in the file:
"change 10000 to what you need, that will be the cash you will get"


To get the following codes to work, press ENTER during gameplay, enter the cheat at the prompt, then press ENTER again. These codes only work on Random Map mode:
all your base are belong to us: Get 100,000 of every resource
atm: Get more gold
ahhcool: Lose the current game (can't you do that on your own?)
asus drivers: Get full map
boston rent: Have no gold
creatine: Get 1000 more iron
display cheat: Show the codes
headshot: Remove objects from map
my name is methos: Get full map and all resources
somebody set up us the bomb: Win the current game
the big dig: Have no resources
uh, smoke?: Have no wood
you said wood: Get 1000 wood


Cheat codes
Hit the ENTER key and key in the code
Cheat Effect
X marks the spot Reveals map (fog of war still there)
Medium Rare Please Gives 10,000 food
Give me liberty or give me coin Gives 10,000 coin
Nova & Orion Gives 10,000 XP
A recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese Fattens all animals on map
Speed always wins Turns on 100x gather/build rates
Sooo Good Turn on “Musketeer’ed!” when you get killed by Musketeers
Ya gotta make do with what ya got Spawns the Mediocre Bombard at your Home City gather point
Gives 10,000 wood
this is too hard Win in singleplayer
tuck tuck tuck Spawns a big red monster truck that can run over anything
Shiver me Timpers! Destroys all the enemy boats on the map
Where's that axe? George Crushington
Get 10,000 Wood


Press ENTER during gameplay, then enter one of the cheats listed below to activate it:
• 1000 more resources: cheat resource all+1000
• Adjust damage: cheat damage (name or no entry)(+ or -)(number)
• AI state: cheat ai (on, off or debug)
• Alliance with nation: cheat ally (nation name)
• Change explore: cheat explore (normal, explored, all)
• Defeat nation: cheat defeat (nation name)
• Deploy units: cheat deploy
• Drop nuke at pointer: cheat nuke
• Drop Wild Bird at pointer: cheat bird
• Encounter with nation: cheat meet (nation name)
• Finish building or next item: cheat finish
• Kill all selected objects: cheat die
• Make all players human: cheat sandbox
• Pack units: cheat pack
• Peace with nation: cheat peace (nation name)
• Put building at pointer: cheat insert (number)(type)(who=RED)(x,y)
• Put unit or building at pointer: cheat add (number)(type)(who=RED)(x,y)
• Put machine guns around human capitals: cheat safe
• Set difficulty: cheat diff (0-5)
• Show achievements: cheat achieve
• Show/change commerce level for nation: cheat commerce (number)(nation name)
• Show/change library tech levels for nation: cheat library (number)(nation name)
• Show/change military level for nation: cheat military (number)(nation name)
• Show/change nation age: cheat age (number)(nation name)
• Show/change resource: cheat resource (name)(goodtype or all)(+ or -)(number)
• Show/change science level for nation: cheat science (number)(nation name)
• Show/change technology: cheat tech (name)(tech or all)(on or off)
• Show combat ranges: cheat ranges (0 or 1)
• Show full map: cheat reveal (on or off)
• Toggle computer control off: cheat human (name)
• Toggle computer control on: cheat computer (name)
• Toggle pause: cheat pause (0 or 1)
• Turn encounter off with nation: cheat unmeet (nation name)
• Victory for nation: cheat victory (nation name)
• War with nation: cheat war (nation name)


fasterfaster Units train faster; faster upgrade research.
makemefamous Gives 7 Glory.
makemerich Gives 3000 Gold & 100 Gems.
octrta : Does all of the above: Gives 7 Glory; 3000 Gold and 100 Gems; units train faster; faster upgrade research and more.
killemall : All enemy units killed
healemall : All friendly units fully healed.
recharge : All skills and colony powers fully recharged to maximum number of charges.

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