HANDPHONE.  Your iPhone and iPod Touch batteries drain faster? Why? Here I will guide you how to increase iPhone and iPod Touch Battery Life.

Turn off the EQ (Equilizer). How? Go to Setting-Music-EQ-OFF.
Audio filtering (EQ) using more power than usual. Just turn it off and use more expensive earphone rather than rubbish stock Apple Earphone.

Disable some Mail account that you don't use. It is because when you turn on wifi or internet connection, Mail deamon will refresh the E-mail to update it.

Don't turn off your iPhone/iPod Touch. Better use Sleep Mode. On/Off process will use a lot of battery energy. So just use Sleep. If your are listening to song for a long time such as sleep, just turn off the screen while you are listening song.

Set brightness to lowest as possible.Turn off Auto Brightness feature (Setting-Brightness). If you are at outdoor (sunny day) reduce using the iPhone/iPod Touch usage because Auto Brightness will set the display light to the max setting (in order to make you can see display clearly). This will increase your iPhone / iPod Touch battery life.

Turn BlueTooth Off. Bluetooth will suck your battery's energy !

Turn Wifi/Edge/3G/SSH Off.It will be easier to off if you jailbroken your device already. Because can use SBSetting toggle for easier shortcut to Wifi/Edge/3G/SSH off.

How to charge battery perfectly?
First never let your iPhone/iPod Touch run out of juice, 0% battery level. When it show 20% or 10% warning battery low, go charge your device. Once in month, or about 30 times of charging cycle, you need to use it till 0% battery level and then charge it full. With this method, your battery life will become long lasting and reliable.

You can extend or boost your iPhone/iPod Touch battery power in order to increase the battery life by using 3rd part Battery Booster.You also can buy cheaply at e-Bay.

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